Sunday, April 15, 2007

i've been halfheartedly trying to get through blackwater, ways of seeing, and jem. jem, well, i obviously need to post on miriam's journaling linky thing, but it's of that stilted sci fi style beast. the characters could be toppled with a sturdy tom clancy push, i'm having to wait too long for the plot pizazz to get started, etc. there is a danny interacting with a morrissey though. it could be promising if there's hot gay sex. (i doubt it.) blackwater is nice so far, because it appeases my conspiracy bent(?): there's gobs of sekrit money going to the republican party, the company was set up as a(n unholy) warriors' alliance between the theocons (both evangelical and hot-to-trot catholic) and navy SEALs, and shifty military-industrial complex shenaniganery with the requisite post-NEVEREVARevArEVEREVEREVERSHAKE A BABYFORGIT 9/11 terror paranoia. hooray! as an adjunct, i also have an article about SAIC from march's vanity fair to (re)pore over. such are the joys of a foil-hatted dilettante.
what else? friday i found i take a sick pleasure in trying on $200 jeans and pretending to the saleswoman that i would buy them, except for the painfully obvious fact that my body is nowhere near whatever shape they're cut to. i think perhaps most of them would be a tad long and big in the ass for kristy. i did see a $350 diane von furstenberg dress i would almost have bought. mostly i just wondered why i was smarter and better looking and poorer than everyone else in the upscale strip mall. apparently i miss living in houston more than i realize, if i'm getting my jollies from hanging out in the arboretum.
i finally have a couch! if you're not impressed, take into account that we've been using a twin mattress the boy has had for ten years (and that now has food stains on it) as a "sofa" since we moved in august. so i'm lazy and cheap. whatever. now i can trick you all into hanging out here, plying you with alcohol so that you'll really tell me what you think of me/my books/my tastes in music/my spurious "art"/my pets/my boy/my proofreading abilities/pretty much anything, as long as i get to spend time with you. so i'm needy. whatever.
i got nothing. the joolie told me i had to make a blog post, so i waited until i was drinky enough. i don't have rant material right now, and self-flagellation is TOTALLY boring to type out. go look at hers if you want to see interesting shit people did today.
p.s. roone and ARSEnal and flight simulators are totally boring, and if he talks about the bar, it's only interesting if he reports on what's going on with eric.
p.p.s. maybe i'll come up with a good rant soon.