Tuesday, February 26, 2008

school + work + sick + social + money + new house shit = stupid.

i got nothing, unless you want a recap of how i'm behind on all of it.


Thursday, February 21, 2008


did you know a mummies "shitsville" 7" just went for $90 on ebay?

guess who the owner was?

*rubs imaginary dollar bills all over her naked body*

*weeps, imagining bills all fluttering away to pay bills*

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


b+ on the econ. will take more of old tests online next time. i got shit right that no one else did, but missed stupid shit.

work sucks. well, it's good too. i like my partner. we adapted hip-hop hits to their voting versions today. some people, though...

also, i don't feel as retarded about my inability to identify cleavage vs. fracture in minerals (the main stumbling block so far.) a crack (hah!) mineralogist-ish i know said she was stumped in this class too. it's one of those stupid familiarity things. why can't i understand instantly? i can for a lot.


p.s. i apologize for the roone-ity of this post. or, if you prefer, we can call it the blurred joseph conrad-self-hating-dismissive terseness-i-tude. not that he posts anyway. maybe he'll get laid and start posting again.

Monday, February 18, 2008

pile it high and deep, high and deep

i think i'm going to need a bigger shovel.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

top five, in no particular order

all my friends - lcd soundsystem
someone great - lcd soundsystem (no! i'm never maudlin! don't look at the rest of the list then!)
you take my breath away - the knife
let's call it off - girl talk (peter, bjorn, and john)
postcards from italy - beirut

i'm also liking the new record from crystal castles. borrowed the promo.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

always, a poorly-tempered life

as usual, bad news first. i have no idea how i did on the economics test. it's not unfair that he's figured out how to weight some questions more heavily than others on a SCANTRON test, but it worries me if i'm unsure of an answer and i have to bubble my choice in four different places. luckily, happy bits filled the day, with the exception of being a hungover cunt at work. (okay, i kind of enjoyed that too.)

jamey and i finished episode three of this season today, w00t! i can't say more, since the first rule of the wire is that you don't talk about the wire. a certain record store co-owner purchased the most amazing pair of pants you have seen, ftw. better than learning george washington invented cocaine, in my book. forestalled the receipt of a parking ticket, had an entertaining substitute in geology, bought favorite snax...

and the capper? on the way to school, i saw an amputee dumpster diving. he propped his bare leg stub on one crutch and used the other to fish through the 7-11 trash at 51st and lamar. i don't know why it ruled, it just did.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Ready for choir practice!


my life is so terrible, right? there's forty-one left right now, and you know it's going to be a lot more than that before next january. yeah, it's a hell of a stimulus package, but at what price? it's not like 3,959 x what, twelve pints have made gas any cheaper. the worst part is putting it in context. i MIGHT have met four thousand people in my entire life. everyone dead. dead dead dead. what the fuck for? so i can hear live bitches complain about ron paul getting scratched off the ballot? mouthbreathers dropping the f-bomb? another two hundred new youtube videos? myspace bulletins about parties and djs at beauty bar? are there even 4,000 delegates in the electoral college?


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

the utility of bacon

hypothetically speaking, if one were to have a non-trivial quantity of bacon in her freezer, perhaps left over from some sort of ridiculous "bacon cottage" experiment, would one be better advised to make these weird things or these other things, known to one as deliciousness? granted, they are not dissimilar, but... if one would let one know one's preference, one might see it in her tiny heart of coal to provide one with the things in question. and perhaps partake as well. either thing, in truth, would probably inadvertently enlarge her heart, and others.

it could be good, or bad

i finished that test awfully fast. i don't think i had complete mastery of the material, but i also... kind of don't care? there were maybe four out of thirty where i wavered on the answers. multiple choice is stupid. i had to put on the brakes because i zipped through it all in five minutes, skipping ones i didn't know, and forced myself to reread everything i'd answered. thanks mom and dad, for making me spend over 200 hours of my life taking ACT and SAT practice tests! i was outta there in ten minutes! (and i'll laugh my ass off at me if i've failed it.)

also, a walleyed convenience store clerk asked me if i was a stripper today. i couldn't tell if he was joking or not. i did pay in ones... but does that mean i look all strung out? have my breasts ballooned, unbeknownst to me? is my mouth permanently stained with lip liner? let me know, guys. and ladies.

t-minus everything!

i know you've all gone through this before with me. my ineptitude at money-handling results in the wholesale, rampant purges of media. admittedly, the flood helped precipitate a greater sense of detachment to stuff, buddhist-like, but of what i've got left, i am rather fond of. all the same, a healthy cull helps to reevaluate whether i really need three pere ubu cds (for when i'm in that pere ubu kind of mood? when's that?), or terry pratchett hardcovers when the bulk of the collection is all the same edition paperback, which can be taken into the bath and otherwise loved, velveteen-rabbit-style. don't even talk to me about gormenghast. i'd rather have all my books taken away and live the rest of my life stuck with poe and tom clancy than finish that purple tome.

the contour map turned out all right. i got 9 out of 10 points, as i half-assed labeling the x100 levels. the pop quiz, on the other hand, destroyed me. not wholly, but it certainly sucked. i'll be lucky to get 6 out of 10 on it, but at least he told us the other section averaged a 3.7 on it. hooray?

it's three hours until my first exam in over ten years! oh boy! let the games begin! actually, i think i ought to do a couple more of the short answer questions, so i'm going to let you go.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


stupid wufus. "why does it always have to be fire?" well, the only thing i can think of right now is PLATE BOUNDARIES, especially convergent boundaries, where crust is destroyed through subduction. "Destruction!"

GODDAMNIT! it has to always be CHAOS and BRIMSTONE because of the convection cells in the upper and lower mantles! NEW SONG NOW!

i AM tired of you, america. you and your stupid new madrid fault, with your unstable sediment in the zone of weakness caused by the original Rodinian rift. You know what? I have a life to live, and a soul to feed; apparently with geology, by the sound of it.

fuckin' whore

the goddamn usgs tectonic plate vector overlay for google earth makes this laptop barf, because it doesn't have enough memory to do it properly. e.g. FAST ENOUGH. whore laptop! shut your legs and start thinking!

*choo ANGREE*

i'm going to stop trying to supplement me larnin' and just sing along to rufus. oh wufus, you'll never betray me like this stupid laptop!


*fails geology*