Monday, March 31, 2008

holy crap

i can see my house on google maps street view!

okay. i really have to get to work.

everything's coming up choo!

- done moving
- mostly done unpacking
- the geology test of evil got moved to tomorrow, and i found out in time that the government test got pushed up to today
- got a new job that, while i haven't had a salary this low in YEARS, looks sexy on a resume and i can learn interesting shit at AND proofread
- the cat might have actually peed in her box today, instead of ON MY BED for the umpteenth day running
- survived a very easy first day of early voting, without horrible equipment-related issues like i dreaded
- bought a fucking computer in five minutes, and am posting this from my porch

i don't have time right now to figure out what it does, since i just downloaded firefox, avast, and office to cover what i need to do for the moment, but i'm sure i'll keep you updated needlessly. additionally, i'd like to apologize for the poor quality of the last two photos. it's a camera phone.

Bagel accident!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Monday, March 24, 2008


i have a different interview friday. in-teresting.

it's sort of like... how they rerun certain movies on tv EVERY year. practice is good, i suppose. it's not for carnegie hall though.

Friday, March 21, 2008




oh my fucking shit

the proofreader posting has been taken down.


*gives beat-down to undersized and inexplicably cheerful gnome of hope that lives in the piss-alley behind my liver*


jeebus fucking christ. i will cry either way.

damn it barry, why did you give me hope on saturday?

*drunkenly cries self to sleep, swears no posting until receipt of dreaded TLC letter*

the ish, not in the tionna smalls sense

i am much better today, thanks to a) a four+ hour crying jag yesterday, in which the ocd-choo drunkenly bewailed and berated, about, at, and alternately, the unassailable mountain of empty boxes in her living room, the insurmountable obstacle of STUFF which needs to not be wherever it is, and the robot she decided to sleep with, and the ungrateful-choo lamented to rightfully unsympathetic ears about her stress-related loss of appetite/not-so-latent anorexia and potential to fit into tiny, tiny pants if she so chose to go shopping, and b) moving another carload and having a roommates-all-in-the-same-place hangout/discussion/beerage/catch-up moment(s). oh, and c)? eating. because the choo didn't EAT yesterday even when sternly lectured to do so. something about blood sugar and being stupid, wasn't paying attention while whining.

apparently i need to go to PUNCTUATION/REFERRING-TO-ONESELF-IN-
THIRD-PERSON USERS ANONYMOUS. or you can nominate me for some sort of SXSW interactive symbol-overuser award next year. especially because i'm a tool and read two of the blogs that got a shit-ton of that crap this year (and last).

stay tuned for further stupid updates, in which i will complain about my non-iraqi life that is SO HARD, if you want even more detail than my whiny texts, emails, and phone calls provide. call me for friday/tomorrow night shenaniganery, if i didn't already tell you what's happening and you want to have mild-mannered age-appropriate social interaction with holiday (in)appropriate alcoholic beverages.

Monday, March 17, 2008

i don't care

this presidential shenaniganery makes me so tired. if i cared, i would read the asian-american something-or-another blog, but it's not like i ever feel like part of the AA community unless some dickbag is shouting "me so horny!" at me, and the feminism-old-vs.-new-generation gripery makes me hate BOTH, and i can't possibly decide which is worse, racism or sexism, when there's a bunch of other stupid shit going on too.

*throws hands up*

bitches, just do the time warp and DECIDE already. we're still going to be fucked, and there is no hope of any more good punk rock or anything in the future.

One bookshelf, beer for scale.

Self on new phone


this new phone lets me add words to T9, and already had "fuck" and "shit" in there. sweet. other than that, it's sort of a hideous greenish-gold, and the ac port is in the way when i'm charging and texting simultaneously. samsung has moved around the softkeys on the slide, which is sort of awkward. apparently it records audio, as well as doing all that other shit i don't care about. the camera is still eh, 1.3 megapixel, no flash. the center of gravity issue when the slide is open has been fixed, but now there's a bumper at the bottom of the phone, making it harder to get to the bottom row if you're a both-thumbs texter. i can buy extra memory for this thing, but then that would be more numbers to lose, right?


okay, back to whatever it was i was doing before i got the phone.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


i lost my fucking phone at fucking emo's last night. i walked "home" with jon dale's friend liz, and luckily he came home a day early, and i had my tantrum at him. now i have a piece of shit phone with the same number until my new phone comes next week, but unless i have your phone number written down, i'm not calling you. you can still call me. i'm drunk and grumpy like a two-year-old that has to wear noise-cancelling headphones to sxsw shows. my face is all puffy and stupid, i'm sweaty and haven't showered, i'm doing laundry instead of napping, i ran into a bunch of people i know, i'm grumpy, i'm going to have to enter 246 numbers into this new sim card, the shit phone doesn't have T9 and a fully charged battery, i haven't gotten caught up on school like i wanted, crystal castles SUCKS live, like flosstradamus, i lost the $7 earplugs i bought at cvs yesterday because they were the only ones left, my liver hates me, i'm dehydrated despite drinking mad water, i don't want to do anything else and i hate the heat and this week and all the tourists and loudness and being social.

i'm also a liar and i love everyone i ran into and i'm a whore for positive feedback about what a great proofreader i am and a tiny part of me still secretly likes music.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Monday, March 10, 2008

cut copy makes me control x and c and v to paste

sorry this isn't a real post either. i did want to let you know:

you know i'm looking for you
i call your number but i can't get through
there is a feeling in me and i don't know why
is there a feeling in you that you can't deny

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

beer 2.5

i have the tv on and am constantly refreshing the sos and travis county pages, instead of sitting in the bath marinating with my beer. fuckin' elections whore. the precinct i helped shut down 2.5 hours ago hasn't even reported yet. GODDAMN.

the obamanation ... durr... i dunno.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

like teh sex imma mouth

early voting numbers! so it's only for the 15 most populous counties, and no results get heard yet, but still. it breaks my mind. in one way, it's because holy shit, these are HUGE numbers, and in the other... uh, i'm so dreading tuesday.

*quails in fear*

Saturday, March 1, 2008


no more early voting! i slept in - until ten! - this morning.